For Immediate Release:

July 18, 2023


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Laura K Chapin

Media Communications Director, Cobalt


Cobalt Statement on Attorneys General from Abortion Ban States Demanding Private Medical Records from Abortion Patients Who Have Gone to Other States for Care


“This is exactly why Colorado passed our abortion care shield law”


Denver – Today, Cobalt President Karen Middleton issued the following statement in response to the letter from  Attorneys General in states where abortion is banned demanding access to private medical records from patients who sought care elsewhere.


“This is offensive. It is wrong. It is a violation of medical privacy. And it is exactly why Colorado passed SB 188, our abortion and gender affirming care shield law.


People who need abortion care should be able to seek it, providers should be able to offer it, and caregivers should be able to help them without fear of vigilante persecution from anti-abortion zealots in other states.


We strongly support the letter from 24 other AGs, including Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, to the Biden Administration backing more robust data privacy protections for reproductive health care.


The climate of fear for patients, providers, and helpers of people seeking abortion care and gender affirming care is very real. We need to protect medical privacy and keep politicians out of abortion care decisions, no matter where you live or where you go for a procedure.”




Cobalt is a grassroots, statewide Colorado organization that advances abortion access and reproductive rights. Our organization began in 1967 when Colorado became the first state to allow safe, legal abortion. Cobalt believes nothing should stand between you and your health decisions, which is why we are dedicated to fighting for systems, structures and policies that protect reproductive rights and guarantee comprehensive, universal access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion.