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Who We Are

Colorado was the first state to decriminalize abortion and since then has served as a model for reproductive healthcare policies and programs across the country. 

Cobalt honors that trailblazing legacy by laying a strong foundation for a state that will secure and protect your reproductive health and abortion access now and in the future by electing lawmakers who will actively fight for reproductive freedom, confronting stigma and misinformation, and reshaping the public conversation around abortion.

Cobalt is neither a reproductive healthcare provider nor a reproductive justice organization. Instead, we are focused on reproductive rights — working for everyone’s freedom to decide when and how to use birth control, give birth or parent.

The Cobalt Foundation makes our civic engagement efforts possible, grows our community organizing programs, increases our statewide impact, and ensures that the Cobalt Abortion Fund and the political work have the energy they need to keep going.

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The political powerhouse of Cobalt helps support and elect pro-abortion rights candidates, defeat anti—abortion legislation, and run proactive bills through the Colorado State Legislature. 

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In January 2020, we split from NARAL Pro-Choice America to become Cobalt. By spinning off from NARAL Pro-Choice America, we are focusing all of our energies here in Colorado and solidifying our reach with our state’s providers, patients, and advocates. 

Because of the attacks we are seeing from our opposition, it is important to be able to choose the tactic or messaging that is most appropriate in every situation and be nimble and flexible in how we spend our energy. 

Reproductive rights are fundamental; they must be realized if we want to create a strong healthcare system that works for everyone. Because of their importance, we will stand strong to support them — unwavering in our fight to make sure every single person has the access they need.  We also know that access must be barrier-free. Everyone’s life will improve when nobody has to worry about misinformation, stigma, a politician, or lack of community resources getting in the way of the care they need. And finally, we realized that Coloradans need someone that is trustworthy to guide them towards full reproductive autonomy. Someone that can provide honest, science-based information in a way that can be easily used and acted on. 

Cobalt represents that all. In one sense, it is a fundamental element – a strong metal that is part of the earth’s crust. Cobalt is also the color of clear skies and seas, places we can move through unencumbered. The dark shade is deep and stable – something you can trust.


Our Work

Cobalt works to make sure nothing stands between you and your health decisions. We do this by providing rapid-response grassroots action to protect reproductive rights, engage in meeting the community’s needs, and making sure everyone knows how to access the care that is best for them.

What We Do

By putting each individual’s reproductive health decisions at the center of our work, we are committed to securing and protecting everyone’s access to these elemental components of reproductive healthcare. We build strength for our communities by combating all threats to that access – now and in the future. Through our work, every Coloradan will be able to make any health decision that is right for them, knowing they can do so free from judgment and that any resource they may need will be available.

LGBTQ+ Community and Reproductive Rights

We recognize that women are not the only people who need abortions and reproductive health services, including birth control. At Cobalt, we do not use gendered language when we discuss reproductive health. If you have any concerns about getting care due to your identity, please contact us so we can help you find a friendly provider.  

lgbtq couple laying in the grass looking at eachother.

Empowering Our Community

Cobalt works tirelessly to not only make sure your rights are protected in the courts but also that you are empowered to make your own decisions about your Reproductive health.