Our Impact | Cobalt

Voices Heard

We have grown to nearly 68,000 members across Colorado

Ballot Measures

Cobalt has fought and defeated 5 anti-abortion ballot measures since 2000


Patients Assisted

Close to 3,000 clients have been helped financially through the Cobalt Abortion Fund to date. Including 18 patients who traveled to Colorado for care have been provided with practical support/meal delivery since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

No one who needs financial help is turned away from the Cobalt Abortion Fund.


Candidates Endorsed

We endorsed 66 State Legislative candidates in 2020, including 8 candidates endorsed in Primary endorsements – a first for Cobalt as well as 8 Federal PAC endorsements – also a first, as Cobalt.


Providers Supported

7 independent abortion providers supported through the Cobalt Abortion Fund, plus all 15 Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains clinics that provide abortion care.


“I am so proud to be a part of the financial support of Cobalt.  Throughout the last 30+ years of my life, this organization has been the most consistent focus of my charitable giving.  Your work is vital in recognizing that fire has to be fought with fire, and you bring it.  Thank you for your leadership and commitment to protecting the rights so essential in our lives.” – Linda Stonerock

Why do you support abortion access and reproductive rights?  We’d love to hear your story and add your voice to the movement.

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