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Cobalt Advocates

Abortion Laws Around the World

Abortion is still legal in many states. Learn how the SCOTUS ruling impacts laws in your state and around the world.

Sexual Discrimination in Employment

Equal employment opportunity is critical to gender equality, but workers still experience sex discrimination at work in both obvious and indirect ways.

Pregnancy Accommodations

Under laws like the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, you may have a right to a workplace accommodation – a change to how, when, or where you do your job – to protect your health and to avoid risk and pain during pregnancy. Accommodations can help you to continue working safely and comfortably, or to get …

Cobalt Statement on Attorneys General from Abortion Ban States Demanding Private Medical Records from Abortion Patients Who Have Gone to Other States for Care

The Colorado Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Coalition is pushing to end the state’s prohibition on public funds for abortion care and codify abortion protections through a ballot measure for the 2024 election.

Initiative 89 officially passed the state Title Board on October 18; its language adds a specific right to abortion to Article II of the …