STD’s or STI’s | Cobalt

What they are

 Infections that spread through sexual contact from one person to another (most common are Gonorrhea and Chlamydia), they can spread through any form of sexual contact including oral sex.

How can I protect myself? 

  • Talk to all partners about using condoms before having sex
  • Practice how to use a condom before you have sex
  • Keep condoms in a safe place so you have them when you need them
  • Decide not having intimate sexual contact, especially if can’t use a condom
  • Have fewer sexual partners
  • Use condoms with all oral, anal, and vaginal sex
  • Get tested for STD’s at least each year and when you have new partners
  • Go with your partner to get tested
  • Get treatment for an STD if you or your partner has one
  • Get PrEP a medication to prevent HIV if you are at increased risk for infection


What do I do if my partner won’t use condoms?

The first step is to talk to your partner and let them know that this is important to you. They may not know that infections can spread even when there are no symptoms, or that condoms can be fun and easy to use. If your partner refuses to use a condom and still pressures you to have sex, check out our resources on partner abuse (link to domestic violence section). 

How do I get tested?

You can get tested for STDs at a primary care doctor, family planning clinic, women’s health/gynecology office and many other places like urgent care and school-based clinics. 

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Learn more about Sexual transmitted diseases and infections as well as how to prevent them.