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The Cobalt Community

Cobalt’s strength lies in the voices of our community members throughout the state. These voices help us to create and advocate for policies and legislation that are most needed to ensure reproductive health access in Colorado. We rely on our donors to help support our work which includes the Cobalt Abortion Fund. Our partnerships reflect the diversity of our community and are the backbone of our work. Our volunteers help us to spread our message and advocate for candidates and policies that support and enhance reproductive health access.


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    Help us build our membership and elect pro-abortion rights candidates. Sign up to volunteer!

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    Your support will help ensure that anyone who wants an abortion can get one.

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    One of the best ways to get the word out about Cobalt and raise critical funds for abortion care is to host a house party. Contact us to get on the schedule.

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    Meet us at community events or join us at a protest across Colorado.


Resources for Joining Cobalt in the Wild

Messaging Guidance

We encourage you to think about the harm that comes from the wording of these.

🚫 | Coat hangers and “back alley abortions”: We don’t need to reference imagery from the past when abortion was unsafe. Thanks to advancements in medical science and the internet, we have abortion pills (that are super safe and can be mailed!). Coat hanger images and “back alley abortions” imply that there are no longer safe abortion options and perpetuates abortion stigma.

🚫 | Sharia Law: These barriers to abortion access are created by white supremacist, Christian fundamentalists; therefore, these comparisons are inaccurate, racist, and anti-Muslim.

🚫 | The Handmaid’s Tale: This comparison centers fictional, rich, white folks and ignores the reality that many BIPOC communities have long been living in a world where their reproductive health decisions and outcomes have been wrongfully controlled, restricted and criminalized.

🚫 | Underground railroad: Underground railroad is not an appropriate term to use in relationship to this work. It’s culturally appropriative and disrespectful to the legacy of escape from chattel slavery. Abortion funds and practical support organizations already exist to help people navigate getting abortion care.

🚫 | Slavery: We shouldn’t have to tell you or anyone not to do this.

Cobalt’s Partnerships Team

Does your organization and/or business align with Cobalt’s mission? Join us!

Now more than ever, Coloradans are joining together to protect reproductive freedom, with a special focus on abortion rights and access. If you share these values, join us! For organizations, please consider becoming a Cobalt non-profit or civic partner (cta/button to partnerships landing page). If you are a business owner, consider joining the Cobalt Business Alliance (cta/button to CBA page), a network of Colorado businesses that proudly and publicly support Cobalt’s mission of protecting and expanding abortion rights and access. Whether business or non-profit, we’d love to meet with you! We hope to hear from you soon!

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Share Your Story

Storytelling is one of the most impactful ways you can combat misinformation about abortion access, help pass progressive abortion policy, and raise money for abortion access.

Your story is yours to tell, and we will never share it without your express consent, but if you are open to sharing your abortion story with us for any reason, please share it below. Story sharing is optional and any stories shared with Cobalt are kept completely confidential unless you request otherwise. To share your story, visit our Cobalt Abortion Fund site.