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Cobalt Advocates

We are a non-profit dedicated to Reproductive Rights & Abortion Access.

We believe nothing should stand between you and your health decisions, and it’s time that every Coloradan is able to make the health decisions that are right for them, free from stigma, systemic barriers, and politics.

Cobalt Foundation

Cobalt Foundation is a c(3) grassroots, statewide Colorado organization that advances abortion access and reproductive rights. Our organization began in 1967 when Colorado became the first state to allow safe, legal abortion. The Cobalt Foundation works on policy development and implementation, civic education and engagement, and leveraging our relationships with policy makers, stakeholders, and thought leaders in communities large and small across Colorado to protect and expand abortion access.

Cobalt Advocates

Cobalt Advocates is the c(4) advocacy and political arm of Cobalt. We take positions on abortion right bills and issues at the municipal, state, and federal level, enforce accountability for officeholders on those issues, and endorse candidates. We use our grassroots organizational power to elect pro-abortion rights legislators, and we financially support candidates and officeholders at the municipal, state, and federal level who share our values. We are one of the most successful political organizations in the state, with our endorsed candidates regularly winning 75% or more of the time. 

Colorado was the first state to decriminalize abortion and, since then, has served as a model for reproductive healthcare policies and programs across the country.

Who We Are

In 1967, as Colorado became the first state to allow safe, legal abortion, a grassroots organization grew out of that effort. That organization, the Colorado Association for the Study of Abortion, or CASA, was created to protect and advance those hard-won reproductive rights — including the right to access abortion care — for generations to come.

Cobalt honors that trailblazing legacy by laying a strong foundation for a state that will secure and protect your reproductive health and abortion access now and in the future. We work to elect lawmakers who will protect and expand reproductive freedom; we confront stigma and misinformation and seek to reshape the public conversation around abortion.

Cobalt is a reproductive rights organization, distinct from a reproductive health or a reproductive justice organization. 

Our work as Cobalt is centered on advancing abortion access and reproductive rights. Nothing is more simple and powerful than each person’s ability to control their own body and decide for themselves if, when, how, and why to have children. All of life’s decisions remain grounded in that ability. 

  • Our Organization

    Cobalt honors that trailblazing legacy by laying a strong foundation for a state that will secure and protect your reproductive health and abortion access now and in the future by electing lawmakers who will actively fight for reproductive freedom, confronting stigma and misinformation, and reshaping the public conversation around abortion.

  • Our Foundation

    The Cobalt Foundation makes our civic engagement efforts possible, grows our community organizing programs, and increases our statewide impact.

    A critical component of our Foundation is the Cobalt Abortion Fund, which provides financial support for abortion procedures and Practical Support Fund which provides financial support for any necessary travel expenses to obtain an abortion. We do not discriminate funding based on anyone’s age, religion, marital status, physical ability, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity. 

  • Our Political Work

    Cobalt’s extensive political program promotes grassroots voter outreach and public partnerships with elected officials. Our voter outreach and community relationships allow us to engage directly with ballot initiatives, to run an historic abortion rights measure with the Colorado Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice Coalition, and to hear feedback from the people and communities we serve. Our electoral program works toward two main goals: 1) to help win pro-abortion rights seats at the state legislature and in statewide elected offices, and 2) to convince elected officials of the widespread popularity of abortion rights among Colorado voters. Meeting these political goals allows our policy team to advocate effectively for proactive reproductive rights policies and against policies harmful to reproductive rights. 

Why Cobalt?

Nothing should stand between you and your health decisions, which is why Cobalt is dedicated to fighting for systems, structures, and policies that guarantee reproductive rights and protect comprehensive, universal access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion. 

Nationwide, our opponents have intensified their assault on fundamental reproductive rights. Even after the dismantling of the right to abortion under Roe v. Wade, the attacks have continued. While this is certainly a crisis, it only adds to the barriers so many individuals already experience. Reproductive health services, especially abortion, are currently out of reach for millions. Individuals across Colorado and the country can’t presently access the healthcare they desire simply because of their job, where they live, or their economic situation, severely limiting their reproductive autonomy. 

We are committed to securing and protecting every person’s access to reproductive healthcare and combating all threats to that access—now and in the future. Cobalt’s vision is for every Coloradan to be able to make any health decision that is right for them, knowing they can do so free from judgment and that any resource they may need will be available.