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Cobalt Advocates

Our Impact in Advancing Abortion Access and Reproductive Rights

We envision a Colorado free of economic, social and political barriers so that all people are able to access a full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health information and services, including abortion.

Healthcare is a Human Right

Cobalt is a Colorado-based grassroots organization that advances abortion access and reproductive rights. Founded in 1967 when Colorado became the first state to allow safe, legal abortion. Cobalt believes everyone should have the freedom to make their own healthcare decision, which is why we are dedicated to advocating for policies that protect reproductive rights and ensure universal access to comprehensive healthcare which includes abortion.

We envision a world where your health decisions are free from stigma, politics and systemic barriers.

Areas of Impact

The Cobalt Political Report

Nothing should stand between you and your health decisions

Download our 2023 Political Report to see our year by the numbers and get a summary of our brightest spots. This included celebrating the passage of the Safe Access to Protected Healthcare (SAPHC) Package of Senate Bills 188, 189, and 190 through the Colorado State Legislature and their passage into law, strengthening Colorado’s position as a safe harbor state for politically-targeted healthcare.

Download 2023 Report


Active Supporters

Our supporters engage with us through volunteering, donating, getting out the vote, and engaging with state legislators and other stakeholders.


Patients Assisted

In 2023, over 2,300 clients received funding from the Cobalt Abortion Fund towards their abortion procedure.


Providers Supported

13 independent abortion providers, 5 telehealth clinics, and all 19 of the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountain clinics that provide abortion care, are supported through the Cobalt Abortion Fund.


Dollars in Abortion Support

The Cobalt Abortion Fund spent in excess of $1.25 million supporting abortion seekers with their care and practical support expenses. We anticipate that number to increase even more in 2024.


Signatures Collected

More than 1000 volunteers collected over 52k of the 232k signatures submitted to get Initiative 89, which protects abortion rights in Colorado’s Constitution, onto the Nov. 24 ballot.


Primary Candidates Endorsed

We have endorsed 13 state legislative primary candidates who have stood strong with Cobalt’s mission to ensure every Coloradan has access to the healthcare they need.


Ballot Measures Defeated

Cobalt has fought and defeated 5 state-wide anti-abortion ballot measures since 2000. 


Bills Defeated

Cobalt has testified against and helped defeat 51 anti-abortion bills at the Colorado General Assembly since 2010.

Words from the Cobalt Community

Read through testimonials from the Cobalt team, our clients, our partners, and the larger Cobalt community.

Linda Stonerock , Donor
“I am so proud to be a part of the financial support of Cobalt.  Throughout the last 30+ years of my life, this organization has been the most consistent focus of my charitable giving.  Your work is vital in recognizing that fire has to be fought with fire, and you bring it.  Thank you for your leadership and commitment to protecting the rights so essential in our lives.”
John Powers , Donor
“If women can’t control if, when and how they choose to get pregnant, all of their other human rights are a fiction. An unintended or forced pregnancy, a fleeting act for a man, impacts a woman’s life forever. My family has supported women’s rights and women’s reproductive rights for generations and will continue to do so.”
Anonymous , Donor
“There’s a lot more support for you out there than you may realize”
Rachel Truman Jennings , Cobalt Board Member
“I donate to and volunteer with Cobalt because I believe the choice of when and whether to become pregnant should not be dictated by politicians.  I believe when people have full agency to make this choice, they and their families thrive. I believe in science. I believe that abortion is health care.  I believe that barriers to abortion access disproportionately affect people of color.  I believe that banning abortion does not stop abortions, it just makes an otherwise very safe medical procedure unnecessarily dangerous. Cobalt's work is the embodiment of these beliefs, and for that, I'm proud to be a part of this organization.”
Anonymous , Abortion Fund Patient
“I had no symptoms, an irregular period and all of a sudden I found out that I was pregnant and definitely more than 22 weeks. I was scared because I couldn't have a child. I was about to start my first year of law school and it was not in my plans. [Cobalt Abortion Fund] was so helpful and made it happen in two days. Women deserve to have the choice of wanting to adopt, raise, or abort since they could be going through things where a child does not fit into the picture.”
Anonymous , Abortion Fund Patient
“It was something I never wanted to do, but I'm grateful it was available to me. I'm thankful I could be scheduled quickly as it was crucial...I would have had a child with a difficult and painful life.”
Anonymous , Abortion Fund Patient
“We had a highly desired pregnancy that ended up having multiple medical diagnoses that ended up with us seeking abortion. I have always believed that if it's your body, it's your choice. No one can speak on how they would handle a situation like this until they go through it.”