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Cobalt Advocates


Explore Cobalt’s ongoing efforts in advocating for reproductive health policies and legislation.

Cobalt stands in solidarity with numerous progressive legislative efforts intersecting with bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.

Legislative Work

Cobalt’s efforts include maternal health, immigrant rights, housing rights, consumer protections, workers’ rights, and fighting for the rights of marginalized communities.

Cobalt has testified against and helped defeat 51 anti-abortion bills at the Colorado General Assembly since 2010. In 2024, Cobalt testified against House Bill 24-1106 and House Bill 24-1224, which were both defeated in their committees. HB 24-1106, sponsored by Representative Scott Bottoms, would have created a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for abortion procedures and abortion prescriptions, with no exceptions for preserving the life or health of the pregnant person. HB 24-1224, also sponsored by Rep. Bottoms and thirteen House Republicans, would have banned all abortions as well as IUDs, in-vitro fertilization, and most treatments for miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and other nonviable pregnancies, with no exceptions. HB 24-1224 would have sent abortion providers to prison for murder.



Passed the SAPHC Package, Senate Bills 23-188, 189, 190


Passed RHEA, House Bill 22-1279