2023 Gala & Silent Auction | Cobalt

If you’d like to support our work but aren’t attending this year’s event, you can bid on items in our silent auction!

Thank you to our silent auction donors:


A Line Boutique, AILLEA, Apex Ski Boot System, Art Students League of Denver, As You Wish Lifestyle, Austin Slominski, Balance Enterprises LLC, Balance Physical Therapy, Better Buzz Yoga, Bottle Shop, Boulder Philharmonic, Boulder Rock Club, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, Bread Bar, Broomtail Baby, Carol Mier Fashion, Casey Madison, Catherine Lea Photography, Charlotte Stanley, Chase Tattoos, Chef D, Chef Justin Cucci, Christy Lea Payne, Christy Powell, CJ Cullinan, Clementine’s Salon & Skincare, Cobalt C3 Board, Cobalt C4 Board, Community Clay, David Sirota, Debbie Fisk, deep green ravine, Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, DeWinter Marketing & PR – Denver, Dinosaur Ridge, Donna & Stephen Good, Dr. Reid & Linda Goodman, eats & sweets LLC, Echter’s, EcoFlight, Fancy Tiger Crafts, feals, Fingers and Toes, Gail R. Marcus, Goddess Isis Books & Gifts, Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe, Green Lady Gardens, Grow it From Home, Happy Organized Denver, Herman Miller, Heidi Hess, Hoplark Hop Tea, History Colorado Center, Holistic Yoga School, Ink Lounge, Isimplifi, Jen Hancock, Jenna Cruff, Jiang Photography, J.M. Ruzycki, Joyce Lisbin, Jullian Young, Dr. Kara Alexandrovic, Karen Middleton, Karen Middleton & Christian Overbey, Karen Tomb, Kate Bermingham, KBCO Radio Station, KDaly Photography, Kellie Beiers, Kendra Scott, Kiera Hatton Sena, kim harrell, KimberlyLeeSings, Lady Justice Brewing Company, Laura Chapin, Laws Whiskey House, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Lily Williams, LOVE SARO, Lunchbox Marketing, Marilyn Anderson Wilcox, MCA Denver, Meow Wolf – Convergence, Mike Korn, Mountain Sun Pubs, MyStory Line, Nathaniel Ratecliff, Nicola Leigh Photography, Nocturne Jazz, Nutritional Therapy Services Institute, Orange Poppy Spa, Paul Nutting, Plimoth, Portia Prescott, Primal Wear, Pueblo Pro-Choice, Randi Himelgrin & Austin Pfenning, Readings by Kiki, Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply, Red Stilleto, Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, Ritualcravt, Roswitha Moehring, Sandi Calistro, Sarah Korn, Sen. Julie Gonzales, Ship Sunshine, Sienna Wine Bar, Sloane Irwin, Smith + Canon, Sunny Brodsky, Susan M. Pearsall Estate, Susan Richardson, Talnua Distillery, Tattoo Dumond, The Artisan Center, The Atkins Family, The Fillmore, The Shop, The Terrorium Shop, The Vineyard Wine Shop, Todd Alhenius, Topo Designs, Tyler Traficanti, Wish Boutique, WOW! Children’s Museum, Yawp! Cyclery, Z2 Entertainment, Zoe Middleton


Thank you to our security sponsor, Healthy Futures, and our accessibility sponsor, The Micah Fund. Thank you to our other sponsors: Boulder Valley Health Center, Colorado Black Women for Political Action, Global Strategy Group, National Council of Jewish Women – Colorado Section, Progressive Promotions, Ray and Suzanne Rivera, Tierney Lawrence Stiles LLC


Thank you to our host committee:


Anata Walsh, Anne McGihon, Arapahoe County Dems, Barbara Smith, Becky Long, Dr. Bronwen Kahn, Brooke Richards, Carrie Augustine, Christy Powell, Cici Peterson, COLOR, Colorado Fertility Advocates, Cris Ballonoff, Deanna Mettler, Dr. Eliza Buyers & David Pinkert, Emily Dubin, Dr. Emily Schneider-Bruch, Jennifer Olerich, Jennifer Parenti, Kaia Gallagher & Paul Nutting, Dr. Kara Alexandrovic, Karen Middleton, Katie Borden, Kelsey Green, Kelsey Laurer, Keshia Allen Horner, Kiki Council, King Employment Law, Laure Macke, Lisa von Gunten, Mary Alice Mandarich, Max Hoarty, Rep. Meg Froelich, Meghan Eddy, Minerva Group, Mission Control, Partners in Women’s Health, Phoebe Montgomery, Polly Ehrenhaft & John Loewy, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, ProgressNow, Protect Human Rights, Ray Rivera, Dr. Rebecca Cohen & Sloane Irwin, Ron Guillot, Rosalind Wolff, Ruth Clevenger, Sam Gilchrist & Dr. Ashley Plummer, SPURR, State Innovation Exchange, Stefanie Winfield, Dr. Stephan Hindes, Dr. Stephanie Owens, Taylor Rockhold, Topher Williams & Austin Montoya, Truman Bradley