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Cobalt Advocates

Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Colorado Steer Patients Away from Abortion Providers

Crisis pregnancy centers — also known as alternative pregnancy centers and women’s health centers — attempt to steer pregnant people away from receiving care such as abortions. The centers are nonprofit organizations that advertise health care such as free pregnancy tests, abortion counseling, options counseling, ultrasounds and help during and after pregnancy.  However, the centers …

The Abortion Pill Underground

Since Roe was overturned, thousands of people in red states have found a way to get an abortion—often thanks to providers operating at the edge of the law.

The Daily Beans: High Drama

That’s Karen Middleton, co chair of Colorado’s for protecting reproductive Freedom. Now, Middleton’s group said it submitted to state officials the signatures of more than 225,000 voters. That’s, uh, more than 124,000 that are required.

The Texas Lawsuit Isn’t Just About Abortion. It’s About Bullying.

It is legal to get an abortion in Colorado, whether you’re a Colorado resident or not. It is legal to travel to Colorado from another state to get an abortion. And just in case there’s any question, Colorado enacted a shield law in 2023 protecting patients, providers and assisters of abortion care from anti-abortion zealots …

Dani Newsum’s testimony on the Reproductive Health Equity Act

Dani Newsum RHEA Testimony March 9, 2022 Good afternoon/evening Chairwoman Lontine and members of the Health and Insurance Committee. My name is Dani Newsum. I am the director of strategic partnerships at Cobalt.I  am testifying in enthusiastic support of House Bill 22-1279.  This summer my husband and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversar.y Although …