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Coloradans can now receive a 12-month supply of birth control at one time 

The law: The Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply requirements went into effect on January 1, 2019 and mandates insurance providers regulated by the State of Colorado, including Medicaid, who cover birth control to now provide coverage for a one time supply of 12 months’ worth of prescription contraceptive pills or patch, and for a 3 month prescription of the vaginal ring. 


How does it work? Covered individuals can now receive a 12-month supply of their generic prescription contraceptive pill or patch after a three-month trial of the prescription. A three-month prescription of the vaginal ring will also be covered under this bill. Talk to your insurance plan, pharmacist, and doctor about this new change and how to receive a 12-month contraception prescription. 


What forms of birth control are covered? Prescription generic contraceptives are forms of birth control that need continuous refills, such as oral contraceptive pills, the patch, and the ring.


What if I’m covered by Medicaid? Medicaid in Colorado covers all FDA approved contraception and will also provide a 12-month supply for all generic brands of oral contraceptive pills and the patch. 

What if I lose my birth control? If you lose your birth control pills, patch, or ring, reach out to your insurance plan, pharmacist, or doctor immediately. You may not be able to get another 12-month supply for that year, but you will be able to get replacement medication.