2022 Midterms | Cobalt

The Cobalt Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee has launched its first ever campaign for the 2022 midterm elections, using billboards, digital advertising, and direct mail to advocate for candidates who support abortion rights and go after Republican leadership in Congress for supporting a national abortion ban. 

The billboard, which can be viewed below, can be seen in nine different locations around the state.



Paid for Cobalt Independent Expenditure Committee; Registered Agent: Karen Middleton. Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.

Just over a week ago, the Colorado Sun reported that Republican Senate candidate Joe O’Dea signed the petition. Prop 115, which would have banned all abortions in Colorado after 22 weeks, failed statewide by almost 20 points.

According to public records, Colorado’s Republican candidates who signed the abortion ban petition are: 

US Senate:
Joe O’Dea

Lauren Boebert – CO-03

CU Regent:
Frank McNulty – District 4

State House:
Marla Fernandez – HD 3
Scott Bottoms – HD 15
David Donelson – HD 16
Shana Black – HD 18
Mary Bradfield – HD2 1
Colin Larson – HD 25
Jaylen Mosquiera – HD 38
Kurt Huffman – HD 43
Ty Winter – HD 47
Donna Walter – HD 53
Stephanie Luck – HD 60
Richard Holtorf – HD 63

State Senate:
Byron Pelton – SD 1
Janice Rich – SD 7
Paul Lundeen – SD 9
Dennis Hisey – SD 11
Rob Woodward – SD15
Thomas Kim – SD27
Dean Flanders – SD32

The Cobalt Independent Expenditure Committee is also launching video campaigns that will support Senator Bennet and Attorney General Phil Weiser for re-election, as well as Yadira Caraveo in Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District.